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Is It Possible To Get A $10,000 Loan in 3 Days? YOU be The Judge After following These Steps!

Ok…let’s take the suspense out of the way (you need money, that’s suspense enough!). Getting the money could be easier (and safer) than you think. We’ve all been there, or at least I have.  You think you’re ok, then you’re … Continue reading

The Uncensored Truth About Tax Lien Certificates – How Much Money Can You REALLY Make With Them?

In our current economy there are a few simple truths – People can’t always pay their bills, and people are looking for secure ways to make extra income.  So it begs the question, Is there a way to generate additional, … Continue reading

Want To Buy Real Estate But No Money? Want A “Zero-Down” Strategy? Follow These Steps…

If any of you have trouble sleeping like I do, then you’ve seen the infomercials … Make millions from investing in real estate with no money down!!!!  Too good to be true?  Not at all! Save yourself the $399 and … Continue reading

Ever Heard Of Making Money From Art Flipping (Buying and Selling Art)? Well…Here Is How To Do It!

Are you ever surfing happily on the internet and come across one of those ads that will “make you rich” in an some ridiculously short amount of time? “Make four million dollars in five minutes, guaranteed!” “I made seventeen thousand … Continue reading

How To Buy And Sell Jewelry YOUR Way – Never Be Lied To Or Tricked Again And A Few Industry Secrets Uncovered!

I was driving down the street today and stopped at a red light (always a good thing to do). I looked over to the right of me, and there, on the corner, was a man with a big sign in … Continue reading

The Beauty Of Car Auctions: A Real Goldmine Few Know Of! Here Is How To Use Them To Make Easy Cash On Demand

So you want to flip cars. Well, you can either be in London, England the next time there’s a big “football” game, or you can attend an auto auction. And I only say England because they have riots. That choice … Continue reading

Is It Possible To Win The Lottery Constantly? Here Is My In-House System…YOU Be The Judge!

By 1995, after a fulfilling service career, my wife and I had decided it was time to move back home and be Floridians again…for many reasons. As we humans tend to do before moving everything, which by then included our … Continue reading

Want To Make Up To 20% More On The Sale Of Your House? Use This 9 Step Method…

Just about every homeowner wants to sell his or her home fast and make a profit. I’m pretty sure this sounds great to you if you are wishing to do exactly that – sell your home and gain! The bad … Continue reading

How To Build A Solid Revenue Stream By Investing In Apartments!   

Warren Buffett has always said that one of the most successful pathways to personal wealth and financial independence is investing in real estate.  He is undeniably smart and financially savvy, so I tend to listen when he says something. Foreclosure … Continue reading

Here Are 10 Tricks I Discovered To Save BIG On Insurance (And 5 Golden No-No’s!)

Insurance, whether automotive, home, health, life or any other variety of the product is a way of life these days. In the event of a loss, good insurance coverage can be priceless.  It does, however, come with a price tag … Continue reading