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Sunny Lake

Sunny Lake has worked in the real estate industry for the past seven years and has extensive knowledge in development and investment opportunities. She educates other brokers on harnessing the power of technology in their marketing efforts. She also has background in construction, architecture, and interior design.

After earning a degree in Communications with minors in Political Science and Business Administration, she worked as a Project Manager for public relations and business development for clients of all sizes and industries. She recognizes that knowledge is power, and is passionate about helping others leverage information to become more successful in all areas of their lives.

Sunny is a self-proclaimed Geek who is always seeking out the newest technology to work smarter instead of harder, and has an extraordinary ability to connect people and build relationships.

Sunny is a guest contributor for several blogs, and is a believer in the adage “You get what you give.” She has an affinity for fashion and design, pop culture, and all things positive. She loves cooking, wine, fitness, reading, and traveling to warm destinations to escape from the Pacific Northwest.

Lori Cline

Lori Cline is a Phoenix-based personal computing consultant/technician and freelance content writer with an extensive background in marketing, advertising, and sales. At the age of sixteen she divided her time between KTVK-TV in Phoenix where she obtained basic broadcasting skills, and employment at the international advertising giant Foote, Cone & Belding, where she worked with the head copy editor to learn advanced copy writing and editing techniques through an apprenticeship. She entered Arizona State University as a business management major, and armed with broadcasting, advertising, and marketing experience, she entered the full time work force by going into sales.

In 1999, Lori survived a life-threatening surgery and during her recovery period developed a healthy obsession with Informational Technology and personal computing simply by putting her hand on a mouse of a Windows 95 computer. She entered the University of Phoenix online to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology and continues to advance in her IT education. A few years ago she submiited a computer tips article to a website and discovered yet another passion, and this time it was one that would take advantage of her ironic sense of humor and her communication aptitude. She enjoys writing immensely and now writes on an astonishing array of topics.

Chaz Nash

Chaz Nash graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a Bachelor of Arts and Science. She cut her ‘writing teeth’ at The Dallas Morning News writing cook book reviews, health and community news events and bridal etiquette in the Lifestyles Department. She further developed her writing portfolio working at the late top-6 accounting and consulting firm Arthur Andersen where she wrote request-for-proposals, created and designed database reports, developed clientele conceptual PowerPoint presentations and proprietary deliverables. Her writing repertoire includes both technical and grants writing which she performed for her local community college in the adult continuing education department.

After 15 years of writing for “the man” she says jokingly, and a life altering medical event, she shifted into a living well mindset and partnered with doctors and naturopathic doctors in pursuit of optimum healthy lifestyle information for everyone. She was encouraged by a retired work colleague to venture out into the community of freelance writing where she now dons herself as the “Hungry Writing Gun for Hire.” She is a freelance writer for Collective Clicks a Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Agency; and also volunteers and provides pro-bono writing services for Healthy Lifestyles for Tru Friends and Healthy Lifestyles for You, non-profit organizations committed to feeding children residing in economically challenged areas.

Bridget Wright

Bridget Wright is a lifestyle blogger and freelance copywriter with over 20 years experience in the writing and publishing industry. As a natural motivator, she discovered early on how to make her words motivate people.

With an Accounting background from Auburn University, she first thought she’d go into financial services; but the writing bug had bitten and she fell head over heels in love with blogging and copywriting. The love ran so deep that she began writing for large online publications including sites like Catalogs.com and Corporate-Eye.com and offline publications with the Toastmaster’s organization and local civic groups. Bridget and writing finally consummated their union with the launch of her flagship motivational blog, The Daily Exhorter.

As a certified Toastmaster professional speaker, Bridget is in high demand from both local business groups and civic groups all over the country. When she’s not writing or speaking, she likes to pass the time engaging in distance running and marathons. Having completed her first 26.2 mile race in 2010, she likes to routinely include snippets about her running experiences in her business and motivational speeches.

Her next goal? To get her husband and three children to run in a marathon with her. If she’s successful with that, it will be quite an accomplishment!

Cheryl Stewart

Cheryl Stewart is an independent copywriter, ghostwriter, and editor with over 20 years of experience in direct and business-to-business marketing, and academic and feature writing. She assisted Coca-Cola with a two-year, company-wide corporate outplacement effort and, working with the State Department of Rehabilitation, created a three-county vocational workshop facility for disabled adults.

Cheryl’s areas of interest include healthcare, healthy nutrition, career counseling, program and facility management, and book, web content, and technical editing. As senior copywriter for a national healthcare agency, Cheryl wrote marketing materials for over 400 healthcare practitioners and was associate editor of the corporate newsletter.
Cheryl also worked as a freelance editor-writer for several popular online publishers for over nine years. A graduate of LaVerne University, she holds dual bachelor’s degrees in Organizational Management and Counseling Psychology.

Prior to her career as a writer and editor, Cheryl assisted with a gang/drug prevention grant that won the California Governor’s award and directed an award-winning after-school, gang/drug prevention program serving over 260 youth.

Cheryl has assisted major businesses with facility and program renovations and start-ups within the hospitality, service, legal, and steel industries. Cheryl also managed The Fandango Club for three years, one of California’s hottest County Western nightclubs.

Cheryl has written for Fortune 500 companies, such as Chase Manhattan Bank, Nivea, and Nikkon, and edited for over 500 authors throughout the world. Cheryl presently resides in Southern California, is a Metaphysics and Spirituality Examiner for Examiner.com, and continues to provide writing, editing, and layout services to corporations and individuals.

Lynn Hetzler

Lynn Hetzler has more than 20 years clinical experience working in hospitals, medical laboratories, physician offices and universities. She has been a professional writer for more than a decade, providing quality science and medicine articles for hundreds of physicians, dentists, psychologists, rehabilitation centers and medical supplies retail outlets.

Hetzler’s strongest skill is explaining complex medical concepts in simple terms. Her energetic and humorous perspective makes it fun to learn about the disgusting, discouraging diseases that plague humanity. She is adept at explaining complicated or scary procedures in a straightforward, gentle manner that educates patients while calming their fears.

Ms. Hetzler is also a webmaster and content curator for many websites. She applies her knowledge of content marketing and whitehat SEO practices to every article she pens to make every piece relevant and searchable. Lynn Hetzler delivers powerful and important content search engines crave.

Catherine Grainger

Catherine Grainger is the owner of Words Chosen Well, and she has been providing content writing and editing for a variety of online, and offline media since 2003. Catherine began her online writing career as staff writer for a baby name blog, and a health and wellness website.

While most of Catherine’s work is done as a ghostwriter for independently owned websites, she is a contributing writer for Demand Media, which provides material for websites such as Ehow, AnswerBag, ModernMom, LiveStrong, and eSSORTMENT. Catherine is also the fact editor for iNstein College, a general knowledge and trivia game.

Catherine has earned a Career Diploma in Freelance Creative Writing, and she is currently pursuing her formal degrees in Communication and Journalism. In addition, she also holds certification in Child Development, Communication Processes, Learning Strategies, Research Writing, and Contemporary Business Communication.

From her home in Wisconsin, where she resides with her three daughters, Catherine provides in home childcare for families in her area. With her 25 years of parenting and childcare experience, she has gathered an extensive well of helpful ideas, and hard earned wisdom. It is her devotion to children that inspires her passion for learning, and why she specializes in writing for family, parenting, and health topics.

Majorie Dorfman

Marjorie Dorfman who is also known as M Dee Dubroff, is a freelance writer and former teacher originally from Brooklyn, New York. A graduate of New York University, she taught in New York City schools for a few years before finding her true calling as a writer. She now lives in Doylestown, PA with one cat named Mr. Biscuit and her significant other, a graphics artist and former designer of postage stamps, both of whom keep her on her toes at all times.

Originally a writer of ghostly and horror fiction, she has branched out into the world of humorous and creative non-fiction writing in the last decade. She maintains eight web sites covering a wide variety of well-researched topics. The author of several books on food and drink (A Taste of Funny), old New York (Gotham Notorious) and a collection of horror stories (Tales For A Dark and Rainy Night) Marjorie loves cooking, reading, watching Lifetime television and old film noir mysteries.

Dave Nestoff

“Dave Nestoff is the Senior Proposal and Copywriter for Trifront Media, one of the web’s fastest growing social media marketing companies.

A professional journalist by trade, Dave began his career writing about everything sports and fitness for the Morning Journal newspaper. He’s been a beatwriter for the Ohio State Buckeyes’ sports programs and for the Columbus Crew of Major League Soccer. Online, he has spent time as a consistent contributor to both sports and music blogs.

Through hard work and research, he honed his skills in professional writing and entered the freelance market in late 2011. This followed a two-year stay as an English instructor at one of the highest-rated academies in South Korea.

Now, besides wrapping up clients with his work at Trifront Media, Dave writes copy for small businesses. In addition, he researches and writes grant proposals, as well as resumes.

He also pens creative fiction for his own enjoyment and is a professional singer-songwriter.”

Tonya Mitchell

Tonya Mitchell is a freelance copywriter who savors the written word the way she savors chocolate: with the unhurried appreciation that comes with feasting—whether literally or metaphorically—on something really, really good. After graduating from Indiana University with a degree in journalism, she went to work as a copywriter for a hardware manufacturer that made, among other things, pressure washers and sump pumps. She quickly learned that if she could write sales copy that made it sound exciting to clean decks and keep water from flooding basements, she could write anything. She moved on to become a brand manager for companies in the food and toy industries, hyping such disparate products as corndogs and deli meats for Sara Lee, to toy vehicles (Tonka) and foam-based weaponry (Nerf) for Hasbro.

These days when she’s not writing copy to sell products and services for her clients, she’s making it all up with works of short fiction that have appeared online and in various printed anthologies. Like just about every fiction writer, she’s working on her version of the Great American Novel, a constant-work-in-progress, gnashing-of-teeth experience. She thankful there’s copywriting to pull her from the trenches.

Michael Fox

Michael Fox, as father of two adult offspring is now enjoying retired life with his wife Kristi. With spare time on his hands these days, he and Kristi are finally fulfilling a long time desire to perform musically; as an acoustic duo and as members of a full band.

As a long time guitarist/song writer and writer of numerous short stories, Michael enjoys allowing the creativity to flow freely. With many life experiences to date, a seafaring service career and yet more life to reflect upon from his ‘often twisted ear’ upbringing as a southern gentleman, he is able to spin a captivating, often hilarious yarn, while maintaining a southern charm and respectful dignity within his works.

“Writing is my release. When inspired, and inspiration can come from the darned’est places, I become thoroughly absorbed and can be gone for days!”

Stephanie Nolan

Stephanie has been a full-time freelance writer since 2005. She holds a degree in Business Management, and is obtaining her degree in Criminal Justice. Some of her work can be found on sites such as USAToday Travel, myCosmeticBag, eHow, GardenGuides, The Daily Puppy, Examiner, Yahoo TV, and many more. She has a love for writing and traveling. Stephanie and her family (husband, four children and a dog) have traveled the United States since her children were young. Stephanie lived in Germany as a child and dreams of traveling the world with her family.

Michael Jelinek

Michael Jelinek is a medical writer, researcher, and editor with a passion for natural health, fitness, and nutrition. He’s a member of the Association of Health Care Journalists and has worked alongside several top health journals and newsletters.

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