The One “Trick” That Always Works For Seducing Woman (ALWAYS!)

You’ve got your eyes on one particular girl, and you don’t have the guts to ask her out.

You’ve thought about the tough guy approach (even if you are the farthest thing from a tough guy!), and you’ve thought about the friend approach — and now you’re left scratching your head wondering what you can do to be attractive by making a girl laugh.


How in the world will you get the girl of your dreams to find you attractive?! Don’t worry; there is a tried-and-true method which some guys use, and others need to use.

We’ve all heard it; numerous studies have proven it… tickle her funny bone! No, I don’t mean to literally tickle her (although you can try if you wish); I’m talking about making her laugh!

Just about every girl loves a funny guy! And, those that don’t are probably lacking the humor gene, just saying!

Think about it, how many of your buddies have ended up dating a girl because he made her laugh? Now it’s your turn! It’s time to move past the dreaded friend zone into the dating zone! 

The Basics

It’s important to remember that before you even attempt to date a girl by making her laugh, you need to learn how to use humor and wit that will not repulse her! Learning how to be funny takes time and practice. Yes, practice!

Don’t EVER use pick up lines that can have her running for the door before you even get to introduce yourself! For example, never, ever say something likeIs your dad a baker? No, why? Because, you have nice buns!”

A line like this is NOT funny, and will NOT make you attractive! Ok, so you may snicker about it with pals, but it won’t land you a date! (By the way, there is always a flip side to things…Martin Merril from says that one of the neatest most effective way to get a girl to laugh is using lame jokes and spinning them around correctly…yes, it’s more art than science and you got to learn how to do it but WELL worth it).

Being funny is hard work, and even harder to master! But, the good news is, once you have mastered this skill, you will find your attractive meter has increased dramatically!

Learning how to make a girl laugh not only increases your chances that you will be spending EVERY weekend (heck, maybe even week nights) on a date, but it also makes you the popular guy that everyone loves to love. Think Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler and Hugh Grant.

What do all these men have in common? They are all extremelytalented men with their own sense of humor.

Let’s face it,none of the men mentioned have ever had a hard time dating a girl!

Always Look at the Bright Side!

The first step is to look at EVERYTHING from the bright side. Everything in life can be funny, even those things that don’t seem so funny can be twisted into a humorous conversation.

Think about how comedians make their living.

Perhaps you were walking to work today, and spilled hot coffee all over your shirt. Is this funny when it happens? No! But, you can use this situation, and make it funny!

“Wow, you wouldn’t believe what happened to me! I was walking to work, not paying attention, and before I knew it, I had hot coffee all over my shirt! There was no time to change my shirt, so I had to work all day like that! Oh the looks I received from my co-workers!”

A line similar to this breaks the ice, and gets the girl laughing!

Try to make everything funny in one way or another! Practice this step, but while you do, remember it’s not just about how you say it, but how behave while you are saying it.

If you are having a hard time with this, rent a few DVD’s, and watch standup comedians. Learning from the pro’s can never hurt. Pay attention to their body language when they tell the audience a joke. Take notes if you need too!

It Works!

You may be wondering — how does being funny make girls want to date me or better yet, make me become attractive to girls. Think about it for a minute.

When you approach a girl (especially one you want to ask out on a date) the tension starts to build.

Most of the time, girls are on guard when a guy approaches them — wondering what pick up line you are going to use on her that she hasn’t already heard. Don’t be this guy!

Instead, you should immediately reveal your funny side. Why? Because revealing your funny side instantlyeases the tension, and makes a girl laugh, working in your favor. How?

As soon as you make a girl laugh, she immediately warms up to you, and loses all preconceived thoughts. You have become someone she enjoys talking to without holding back.

Congratulations, you just made yourself human to her! 

Say Goodbye to Bad Boy Charm!

As soon as you break the ice and start the introductions, lose the bad boy charm! There is no need to try to be a show off – in fact; you may risk losing everything you worked so hard to get. Instead, this is the point where you need to be the nice, funny guy.

Start the conversation about something you have in common – the party you are at, the restaurant, etc., then move on to a funny incident that involves yourself looking like a fool.

“Wow, there are a lot of people here tonight. Do you know all these people? Hey, did I tell you about the time I spilled coffee on my shirt, and worked like that ALL day long?”

Studies have shown that girls enjoylistening to a guy who admits he made a stupid mistake. Be the funny guy!

Girls assume that guys want to dominate, and instantly put up barriers, walls, brick, you name it. Avoid this by allowing her to feel as if she dominates the conversation when you share your funny incident.

Perhaps, start your conversion with something like…”Every time I try to talk to a girl, I find that I get tongue-tied. I never know what to say, and then I end up looking like a fool. Hey, wait a minute… I am doing it again, aren’t I?

Never Make Yourself Look Completely Foolish!

While it’s ok to make yourself look like fool from time to time, it’s not ok to rely on it. Relying on it gives her a chance to walk all over you. Don’t ever allow anyone that opportunity, not even the girl you want to date!

It’s important to make fun of ONLY your good side, never your bad side. Making fun of your bad side (and revealing something that you truly lack) only makes you look like you have no ego or self respect. It’s important to let her know you care about yourself.

After all, we have all heard the saying “if a person can’t love himself, then how can he love others.” Girls remember this!

Avoid the Friend Zone!

As you two start talking, the girl may either think of you as her new guy-friend, or things could start heating up and you could be heading towards the dating zone!

Never, ever let the conversation enter the friend zone! Doing this only works against EVERYTHING you are working towards –being attractive to girls, not becoming best friends stuck in the friend zone with no chance of ever entering the dating zone!

While you two are speaking, make it obvious and clear that you are attracted to her, and would like to get to know her better.

Be a Man!

Now that you have made yourself appear to be a funny, charming man; it’s time to turn on the charm a little bit, and be a man that makes her feel protected when you are around.

Remember that you need to make her feel cared for, and gently reminded that you are the man who can, and will make her feel safe.

There is no need to be cocky, or to start a fight with another man; instead, concentrate on treating her like a lady, and being a complete gentleman when she is around.

If you want to be attractive by making girls laugh, you need to use humor, warm up to them and let them know you are interested in being more than friends.

Always remember to avoid the dreaded friend zone!

 You need to be the man she feels protected and safe around!

Girls love a man who is charming and funny. But, more than that; if you havefollowed the steps in this article, you have already shown her that you have a lot of charm and humor in you and that you can protect her and keep her safe. Touchdown!

There are a Few Key Points to Remember

  • Avoid the friend zone.
  • Learning to be funny takes time and practice.
  • Find everyday life humorous.
  • Watch stand up comedians.
  • Goodbye bad boy!
  • NEVER make fun of your bad points!
  • Girls want to feel protected and safe.
  • Tell her your intentions.

The next time you see a girl you want to ask out on a date, remember that girls love guys who can make them laugh, are clever, witty and charming, all while being chivalrous and protective.

If you can master these skills, there is little a girl can do to prevent herself from falling head over heels in love with you, and bragging about the amazing new guy in her life!

And by the way, don’t forget to grab a copy of Martin’s strategy packed (and VERY fun to read!) eBook at

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