Revealed: How A Breakthrough Weight Loss Discovery Exploits A Body Fat “Loophole” To Thin You Day and Night

By Dianne Vostler, Health Reporter

“We’re about to see the launch of one of America’s biggest weight loss breakthroughs,” my friend Dr. Karen Vieira told me last night. “It combines some interesting science in ways no one else has thought to exploit for genuine, lasting fat loss.”

I had called her to get an update on anything interesting in the healthy eating and living area, especially if it had anything to do with supplements.

Karen isn’t your average natural health observer. She holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences from University of Florida College of Medicine and has been trained in alternative and complementary medicine too. She also coaches clients one-on-one to lose a lot of weight and keep it off.

So if she’s excited about a new weight loss supplement, it’s worth investigating.

“When New Health Labs approached me to help them perfect SlimNoGym, I was surprised to discover they were creating something truly revolutionary in weight loss,” Karen commented. “I’ve seen a lot of weight loss supplements and most don’t do anything new at all. New Health Labs found a loophole no one else bothered to investigate, and it’s quite exciting.”

A loophole? Science is always discovering new things about our bodies. I was hoping this was really good.

So what’s the breakthrough?

“Well, New Health Labs wanted SlimNoGym to become the first product to use day-time fat burning combined with overnight fat blocking. This allows you to burn fat during the day and stops you gaining weight while you sleep.”

It combines both those ideas to work in harmony … so you lose weight 24 hours a day.”

Well, that does sound interesting. But what’s the science to back this up? We’ve all seen “miracle” supplements that make big promises and then can’t deliver. What’s this so-called loophole?

I asked Karen to tell me exactly what made this idea work (by the way, you can watch Dr. Vieiras video by clicking here).

“Let me explain. What New Health Labs saw that others ignored was that our bodies digest calories differently when we’re awake and when we’re asleep,” began Karen. “We burn very few calories overnight – only about one-third of what we burn during the day. So that’s when we put on the pounds.”

“But if night calories can’t become fat in your body – because they’re blocked … then you won’t gain weight overnight. And also, you will keep the calories you managed to burn during the day, away!”

This was a new one to me. Burning calories during the day and blocking them at night from coming back. Exactly how is New Health Labs going to do this?

Overnight fat blocking? What’s that?

Karen laid out the technical points for me. Apparently it’s a two-pronged approach that requires several different ingredients for the day and night capsules. Not only do you need to “hide” fatty calories from your body’s fat-building processes, but also help your fat cells work more efficiently to burn available energy rather than make more fat.

“It’s such a simple concept and proven by science,” finished Karen.

“But before New Health Labs approached me, no one else came up with a way to use it for effective weight loss. After SlimNoGym, there’s no other product designed for day-time fat burning and overnight fat blocking, and it’s a real breakthrough.”

Not adding new fat overnight sounded great to me.

After all, almost all of us make dinner our biggest meal of the day. And who doesn’t enjoy a few snacks while watching their favourite TV show afterward? That’s a lot of calories in the hours before you sleep.

Stopping those calories from making us fat overnight – even if it only blocks some of them – is a lot better than not blocking any.

I was going to ask which ingredients did the fat-blocking …

But Karen continued, “New Health Labs wanted my opinion on more than fat-blocking, though. They also wanted SlimNoGym to accelerate the body’s daytime fat-burning with a very interesting combination of fat burners. They wanted a product that would burn hundreds of extra calories each day too — not just block overnight fat formation.”

“And here’s one of my big frustrations with the weight loss industry,” Karen continued. “Virtually all supplements that claim to burn fat don’t do a very good job. They have the wrong ingredients. Or the wrong amounts. Or combinations that cancel each other out. New Health Labs was doing something different and they wanted my confirmation that they were on the right track.”

So were they? Apparently so, because Karen was already explaining that this created a relationship between overnight fat blocking and daytime fat burning that was greater than each process on its own.

I had to ask her to slow down a bit.

How does fat blocking (overnight) & burning (during the day) create 24/7 weight loss synergy?

“OK, I’ll go a bit slower,” she laughed. “Here’s the thing: in science we love to create processes that push and pull together to get a result. You get twice the results that way.

“Blocking fat overnight is the ‘push’ to make sure you don’t gain any additional pounds. Then burning extra fat during the day is what ‘pulls’ that extra fat out of your fat cells and burns it.

“It means your body fat is ‘under attack’ 24 hours a day this way. It’s constantly being burned away and prevented from re-building.”

That made sense. But did you have to take pills or powders all day and night? That didn’t sound very convenient. I had bad memories of one supplement that required something like 6 different pills every day and it was impossible to remember them all.

But it seems there’s no such awkwardness with SlimNoGym.

They designed the product as a 2-capsule day and night combination. The daytime capsule maximizes fat burning. And the overnight capsule maximizes fat blocking.

“It’s the perfect weight loss recipe,” pointed out Karen. “And so powerful when you use both ideas at once.”

And yet no other natural health company had used modern science to mix these two ideas together until now.

So what are the ingredients, exactly?

“I helped New Health Labs carefully finalize each ingredient … test those ingredients together in combination … and fine-tune everything inside a 2-pill day and night combination so it really works,” explained Karen.

And then she gave me a quick breakdown of the ingredients. Here are my notes of the most important benefits:

5-HTP has been shown to accelerate your fat loss up to 540% in confirmed studies.

Green tea extract boosts your daytime energy burn by 35-43%.

Fenugreek helps insulin work better in your body, which has a proven knock-on effect in suppressing your appetite and burning more fat too.

Brown algae extract has been proven to block as much as 75% of fat from being absorbed by your body. And fucoxanthin (which gives the algae its color) is a proven fat burner too.

Ashwagandha does battle with stress hormone cortisol to help you eat less and burn extra fat.

Calcium “changes the efficiency of weight loss” by up to 70% by helping fat cells do their job better.

Vitamin D is calcium’s helping hand and it also suppresses the production of a certain fat-generating enzymes by up to 500%.

GABA promotes the formation of extra Human Growth Hormone which in turn reduces body fat.

Caralluma fimbriata is an exotic cactus which safely suppresses your appetite.

Pumpkin seed oil contains a wealth of fat-fighting vitamins, minerals and compounds which both burn extra fat and block it too.

There are 10 ingredients in total, and they’re all proven to work.

But how safe is this 24 hour weight loss revolution?

Each ingredient is 100% natural and perfectly safe too, Karen reassures me.

“Which is very important, as you know. It’s no good losing weight if it makes you sick. Instead, you should be feeling happier and healthier with every pound that drops off. You want your life to be better and more enjoyable.

“That’s why safety and results have to go hand in hand. It’s important to set an example with healthy eating and living the right way.”

And she points out that these 10 ingredients have been optimized to work together like a well-oiled 24/7 weight-loss machine. It really does block fat overnight, while burning lots of extra fat during the day.

So are these truly big differences with SlimNoGym?

“Yes, they are,” says Karen.

“SlimNoGym’s overnight fat blocking is an industry first. And they lead the industry with an exceptional combination of fat burners too! I should know, because I helped them perfect those 2 pills. It’s what allows everything to harmonize together all day and all night.”

Karen pointed out that any SlimNoGym customer is probably going to be amazed at the results they get when they try it. That’s the benefit of finding the weight loss loophole that everyone else overlooked.

And there’s even a 31-day free trial offer available now while supplies last. All you’ll pay is shipping and handling – that’s it!

To find out more, click here.

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