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Out-of-te-box ideas, strategies and tricks for having great long-term relationships

The One “Trick” That Always Works For Seducing Woman (ALWAYS!)

You’ve got your eyes on one particular girl, and you don’t have the guts to ask her out. You’ve thought about the tough guy approach (even if you are the farthest thing from a tough guy!), and you’ve thought about … Continue reading

2,140 Words About How To Be THE Guy Woman Pick Out Of The Bunch!

They aren’t QUITE as ELUSIVE as they can seem! Nikki is single, she appears to be available and she is fine fine super fine!  …As she so daintily sips her Daiquiri. She and Ken accidently brushed shoulders earlier. They both … Continue reading

49% End Up Divorced – Don’t Be One Of Them… Listen To What I Have To Say, It WILL Save Your Marriage

Marriage, How to Make Yours Succeed… For a long time, (before I got married) I was convinced that the biggest mistake anyone could ever make – was to get married. I mean seriously, do you know how LOW the marriage … Continue reading

Do Women Like Man Boobs? NOT Really! And Here Is A Simple Way To Get That Load Off Your Chest!

Back in high school, an unlucky friend of mine had man boobs. He was a great kid, and an active one at that. He played high school football while I sat on the bench. We played basketball together. We even … Continue reading